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The consumer goods industry includes over 25% of Fortune 500 companies and accounts for well over $1 trillion in revenues annually. Today's consumer goods supply chain is driven by an increasingly demanding retail channel placing great demands on consumer goods manufacturers to respond to their orders quickly and accurately. Manufacturers know what they must do to compete: reduce inventory carrying costs, improve operational efficiency, reduce stock-outs, forge tighter relationships with third-party service providers and shorten order-to-cash cycles with their retail channel. Some challenges however exist:
The launch process for new products can be highly data-intensive and requires accurate and real-time access to all product information.
Retailers and consumer goods manufacturers need to work together to jointly manage the inventory replenishment process.
Item synchronization between the systems of manufacturers and retailers is a foundation that is missing.
The numerous mergers and acquisitions in the industry have created vast challenges in terms of integrating and rationalizing systems, channels, brands, and customer information.
IntellaPac enables companies to automate the specification management processes that span any part of your extended enterprise allowing applications, systems, people and organizations to collaborate in real time.
A Strong foundation, globally scalable, internationalized, reliable, proven and secure for executing any of your company's mission-critical business processes and transactions.
Increased productivity enabling you to gain visibility into product demand and ensure adequate levels of inventory to support product launches to thousands of retail locations.
Collaborative solutions allowing you to manage the specification whether packaging or raw materials through rapid execution of collaborative processes and item synchronization with retailers, automating data flow between the systems.
Proven solution for progressive CPG business processes including Packaging specification management, raw material management, QC.
Lowest total cost of ownership.
Key Features of the Solution
IntellaPac PRO is a comprehensive application, linking together people, business processes, enterprise applications, mainframes, databases, data warehouses, and Web services, both within and across enterprises.
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