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Quality Assurance and control Benefits

Customer and supplier involvement
IntellaPac Pro allows the electronic exchange of specifications with suppliers and customers in Business-to-Business manufacturing. By giving them an active role in the approval process, the time needed to get specification approved is shortened and the risk of working with unapproved or outdated specifications virtually eliminated.

Quality Control
Product specifications contain quality standards, limits and test methods. These values are readily available in LIMS. IntellaPac Pro, when integrated with industry leading LIMS products, greatly enhances the benefits and return on your investment in these systems.. This kind of integration drastically reduces administration costs, avoids errors and makes fast and controlled changes possible.

Reduce Risk
With all product specifications managed by an easily accessible, single application, the risk of using incorrect, outdated, or unapproved specifications is virtually eliminated.

Products are constantly subject to change, sometimes a major formula alteration, other times a minor substitution. Regulatory compliance requires an unambiguous relationship between the approved product specification and the actual measurement data on a product lot. IntellaPac Pro version management ensures that each and every specification is available at all times.

Products targeting special consumer groups often make certain claims such as nutritional benefits, religious adherence (kosher, etc.), GMO, and allergens. With IntellaPac Pro these claims can easily be monitored and submitted for approval.

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