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IntellaPac Pro is a web-based, database application software system for:

Packaging Specifications
Printing Instructions
Shipping and Storage Instructions
Material / Analytical Specifications
Formula / Recipe Bill of Material
Component Bill of Materials
Quality / Process Requirements
Routing & Approval Process
Report Generation

Being a fully web-based system, IntellaPac Pro enhances communication and collaboration of work processes related to developing and managing product and materials specification information.

IntellaPac Pro Administrator

IntellaPac Pro was designed to allow your IntellaPac administrator to set-up, configure, maintain, and make changes to the system with absolute minimal effort. How is this accomplished?

1 NO TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE is required to administer the system. All you need to have is knowledge of your business process.
2 Configuration requires NO CODE CHANGE! The system is configured via a point-and-click Administrator Module.
3 Full Administrator Training is provided as part of your base-package purchase.
4 Easy-to-use, intuitive consistent screens provided throughout the Administrator, on-line help on every screen, complete documentation is provided.

The IntellaPac Administrator is a powerful part of the system - it allows you to fully configure IntellaPac to the organization's needs.

Using this feature, an administrator can create login accounts, define IntellaPac terminology and add user-fields, create workflows, set up User Groups, routing and approval notification rules, etc.

All configurations in IntellaPac are implemented easily, without code change. The system is designed to be easily changed or modified as your needs or processes change, or as you deploy your application to additional organization areas.

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